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Army Inter Corps, Inter Unit & Individual Standard Distance Triathlon Championship 2023 took place at Queenfords Lake in Oxford. A great turn out for the event with just under 100 athletes taking part in the championship. It was a very warm day and the water temperature was over 23 degrees, which meant the first event with no wetsuits for the open water swim. This was a very split feeling amongst the athletes, as some have always swam in a wetsuit, so a very different race in the water for some.

Major Unit Winners – Army HQ

Maj Al Fortune, Lt Col Chris Stuart & Col Nick Mackenzie

Major Unit Runners Up – Defence Academy

Maj Edd Charlton-Weedy, Maj James Gibson & Maj Alan Finlay

Minor Unit Winners – AMS Support Unit

Capt Louis Darrock & Capt Owen Graham

Minor Unit Runners Up – RMAS

CSgt Christopher Taggart, SSgt Mehar Singh Gaha

Open Corps Winners – Infantry

Maj Simon Kershaw, LCpl Jenson Cozens, Capt George Steele, CSgt Chris Taggart, WO2 James Parkes

Open Corps Runners Up – RAPTC

Maj Willie Wilson, SSgt Blair Webster, SSgt Matt Hanson, SSgt Sam Littlewood, Sgt Nick Anderson

Female Corps Winners – AMS

Maj Abigail Bainbridge, Lt Col Sarah Bennetts, Sgt Lorna Macdonald

Female Corps Runners UP – RE

Col Fiona Scotter, Maj Gemma Simister, WO2 Kate Dunscombe

Male Overall Winners                                                                          Female Overall Winners

1st – WO2 Nick Drabble                                                                                  1st – Capt Rosie Wild

2nd – Capt Simon Fear                                                                                   2nd – Maj Abigail Bainbridge

3rd – Maj Edd Charlton-Weedy                                                                    3rd – Maj Kath Breeze

Male Age Group Winners                                                                  Female Age Group Winners

18-19yrs – Pte Richard Haywood

20-24yrs – OCdt Joshua Fathers                                                                20-24yrs – OCdt Arabella Henley

25-29yrs – Capt Owen Graham                                                                   25 – 29yrs – Capt Alice Paterson

30-34yrs – Capt Simon Fear                                                                        30-34yrs – Capt Rosie Wild

35-39yrs – WO2 Nick Drabble                                                                     35-39yrs – WO2 Kate Dunscombe

40-44yrs – WO2 Mark Bowman                                                                  40-44yrs – Maj Caroline Stalker

45-49yrs – Maj Alex Fortune                                                                        45-49yrs – Col Fiona Scotter

50+yrs – Maj Willie Wilson                                                                           50+yrs – Capt Sue Chittock

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